This documentation is intended to introduce new users to the $MOXY token design and to serve as reference material for more advanced users.

Welcome to Moxy, the First On-Demand eSports Platform powered by the Blockchain

Moxy revolutionizes the eSports market with the power of blockchain
  • While eSports is a $1bn+ market with 540m+ viewers, its participation is limited to professional players only; Moxy is the first and only eSports solution that liberates the scene and allows all gamers to host and join ad-hoc eSport tournaments with a stake in the game
  • With Moxy, Gamers can host and participate in tournaments of their favorite Web2 games (MOBA, FPS etc.) by paying entry fees and winning tournament prizes, redeemable to cash
  • With Moxy, Game Developers can have a plug & play eSports solution to acquire gamers and generate revenue by taking royalty from the tournament reward pools
  • Moxy uses the FLOW blockchain to ensure all tournament result is open and verifiable; the $MOXY token is created to facilitate tournament prize settlement, user engagement, and platform governance
This document aims to help new and existing Moxy users become familiar with the $MOXY token design and understand the rationale behind it.
Disclaimer: MOXY tokens are not securities, commodities, or financial instruments of any kind. Purchases and sales of MOXY are not subject to the protections of any laws governing those types of financial instruments. This document does not constitute a prospectus or offering document, and is not an offer to sell, nor the solicitation of an offer to buy an investment, a security, commodity, or a swap on either a security or commodity. MOXY is a utility token and has no tangible and/or monetary value outside of the Moxy Platform and any value which is assigned to the token is based on the perception of the people who are utilizing the token. MOXY holders are not promised any profit from the tokens and there is no expectation that purchasing MOXY is or could be an investment. Any economic benefits derived from appreciation in the value of MOXY are incidental to obtaining the right to use MOXY for its intended purpose on the Moxy Platform and/or within the Moxy Ecosystem. The contents of this document are subject to change at the discretion of the Moxy Foundation.